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Natasha Maughan

Artistic Director/Founder

Natasha Maughan was born in London and grew up on the island of Barbados. She returned to England at the age of 16 and studied Performing Arts, majoring in dance at Barking College, a local college that Idris Elba had also attended. There she was a founding member and choreographer for The Word Youth Ministries in Ilford.

On her return to Barbados, Natasha joined the local dance troupe, Dance Machine, and performed as a dancer for numerous local artistes. Natasha has performed on stages with Rihanna, Shaun Escoffery, Allison Hinds and Rupee, Edwin Yearwood and Romeo – to name a few. Natasha is the founder and Artistic Director of TaShibaDance – a concierge dance business, and is currently breaking into the music video choreography business.

Besides being a dancer and choreographer, Natasha is also an author and is working on the film adaptation of her novella, Going Home. Find out more at

About TaShibaDance

TaShibaDance believes that anyone can dance, because movement IS dance. When we teach, our aim is not just to show you how to do certain moves, but to find your natural desire for dance and make it bloom! Dance is life. It is emotion expressed through motion. It is done by all, enjoyed by all, expressed by all. It shows complete abandon and this is the vision of TaShibaDance!

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